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All services provided by this site is free. We discourage selling blood.


   Everyday, hundreds of children and adults require blood to save their life. People like you donate blood to save these precious lives.

Welcome to our site! if you have come here to look for a blood donor, you have to be a member first to search our donor database. Once you register with us and become a member, you can login and search the donor database using your User ID and password. If you cannot find a donor in this way, you can post a request for blood. We hope some donor will respond to your request within a short time.

   If you want to become a donor, you have to become a member. When another member is in need of blood of your group, he/she will be able to search the database, find your name, address, phone number and email address and will contact you and request you to donate blood.

Help us to help you !!!

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